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Butcher success!!!

We all loved our beef and lamb sausages last night.  And our chicken ones.  The beef and lamb ones were very similar to the regular bbq sausages you'd buy and I'd have no problem serving them up to non-Failsafers.  Ms C & Ms D and Mr JR all devoured their sausages in seconds flat!  Any complaint from me would be that they were a bit skinny,  so 12 sausages were all eaten,  leaving none for school lunches.  But, they're probably the regular width,  we'd just got used to the fat ones the chicken guy in Oakleigh Market made for us.

The night before,  we had rump.  Oh, my!  I just cooked it in the pan,  with a little salt, (one side until the juices are coming out the top and then turn) and served it with mash and steamed veg.  And I cooked sliced leek in the pan juices as well, to serve on on of the meat.  Delish!!

And bacon.  Oh wow...  preservative free bacon.  I used about 100g to make savoury muffins, which Mr Frillypants and I loved,  but the kids were less enamo…

The Failsafe Butcher!!!

I have just had the most awesome conversation with a butcher!  His name is Steve and he's at: 
Ozzies Gourmet Butchery55 Hamilton Place, Mount Waverley, VIC 3149
p: (03) 9809 5208f: (03) 9809 5208

And, oh my goodness,  he knows Failsafe!  And he knows fructose. And he knows lactose.  And he knows gluten.  He knows amines.  He knows herbs and spices.  Squeeeeaaa!!  He's the guy you go to and say "My doctor says I shouldn't eat fructose." and he'll say "Okay, so you can have this, this and this."  WOW!!!!!  I asked him when I just now called him, is he a Failsafer or has he done this for his customers?  He's done this for his customers!!  He says he's been in touch with the Fed Up people for about 10 years,  working things out along the way.
As a result,  Mr Frillypants is travelling to Melbourne tomorrow and he is going to pick up chicken sausages,  lamb sausages, some steak and for a real treat... (oh my goodness!!)...nitrite-free bacon!!!  I h…

Chicken in the fry pan

This is one of those 'it's too easy... should I write about it?' type of recipes.  It's not even really a recipe.  Just some ideas to make a quick and easy AND YUMMY meal with some chicken breasts. 

I always slice the breasts through the middle to make them thinner and more even in thickness.  That way they cook more evenly, quicker and they go further.  I think Jamie Oliver likes to pound his.

Last night I started them in a fry pan on a medium heat and sprinkled with a little salt,  then after flipping them over, I dribbled some Golden Syrup over it all.  Not so much it was swimming,  but enough so each piece had some.  And, more towards the end of the cooking time so I didn't burn the Golden Syrup.  (Burnt sugar smell!  Ugh!)  After moving the chicken around to make sure it was all well covered in the melted Golden Syrup, I set it aside to rest.  While that was happening  I put a blob of butter in the fry pan and then sauteed 1 leek, sliced thickly, to soak up al…