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Strrrrraight from the Thermomix's recipe book (p 113),  with just a tweek at the end to make it Failsafe.

400g lukewarm water1 sachet (7g) dried yeast20g oil500g Bakers Flour1 tsp SaltGarlic SauceMethod:
Place water, yeast and oil into TMX bowl and mix for 5 seconds on Speed3Add flour and salt. Mix for 20 seconds on Speed 6Set dial to Closed Lid,  and knead for 2 minutes on Interval SpeedPlace dough into a large bowl, in a warm place, to rise for up to an hourKnock down, shape on lined cooking tray and allow to rise for another 30 minutesOnce done, brush over top with Garlic Sauce and Sea Salt FlakesCook in hot oven (200-220ºC) for 20-30 minutes or until goldenVerdict:
I wasn't sure how they'd take another bread around here... after all,  I've recently done crumpets, bread rolls, pizza...  Anyway,  I needn't have worried.  After making one on the Saturday, I then made another 2 on the Sunday!  I cut it up, and plopped it on the kitchen bench with a bowl …

Chick-Chick Burgers

Chick-Chick.  That's chicken and chickpeas.  (Yeah, not chk-chk boom! for you Australians who remember.)   It was 4:45... we normally eat at 5:30... and I hadn't even decided what to make!!!  I had some chicken thigh mince in the freezer and then I just went from there.  This made about 27 or so patties and I expected to have some for school lunches tomorrow.  I was wrong!  They all went!!

The method with this basically went, find something, chuck it in, pulse it...

1-2 cloves garlichandful of parsley leaves2 spring onions1 stick celery, roughly chopped 1 egg1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsedabout 1 cup breadcrumbs (homemade, of course!!)1 tsp sea salt1/2 tsp citric acid500g chicken thigh minceMethod:
Add each ingredient in turn and pulse on about Speed 5-7 after each, to chop, mince and combine.  Only a few seconds each time.Form mixture into thin patties, about palm-size and shallow fry I served with Miracle Mash and green beans and goes really well with Pear Ket…

Vanilla Slice with Pear Icing

I don't have a very good history with Vanilla Slice.  My main memory is Dad bringing them home for me whenever I was sick from school.  I wasn't sure which was worse; the idea of dealing with a 'snot block' when I was sick or that Dad didn't remember I didn't like them!  Later I tried one that was not from a big commercial place and I changed my mind.  Now I see what Dad was trying to show me.
This is super easy.
Ingredients: 1 pkt Sao biscuits  (Yes, I use Saos, not pastry!!  So sue me!!)A deep tray, about 25x30cm.  Mine fitted 3x3 Sao biscuits exactly Custard filling (from TMX book, pg 155) 75g sugar2 eggs500g milk40g cornflour5g vanilla essencePear Icing 1 cup sugar35g butter2 small pears (I used 4 canned halves)a little water/syrup if neededMethod: Place sugar into TMX and pulverise for 20 seconds on Speed 9Scrape down and add remaining custard ingredientsCook for 7 minutes at 90degC on Speed 4Line pan with one layer of Sao biscuitsSpread all of custard onto bo…

Pear Leather (or Pear 'Rollups')

This is from the Failsafe website... but learn from my mistakes.  :)

2 large cans of pears in syrup1/2 tsp Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) (optional)Method:
Drain Pears and allow to drip dry for a good long timePre-heat oven to 75-100ºCLine 1 or 2 oven trays with good quality baking paper Puree Pear with Ascorbic Acid With a spatula, spread the pear puree thinly over the baking paperCook in oven for 3-4 hoursRemove from oven and allow to cool enough to handle and remove from paperStarting on the long side,  roll pear leather up and then slice with a sharp knifeOr, cut leather into strips and then roll.Verdict:
Everyone is very excited to be having 'Rollups'.  I can see that the teachers may not think that this is 'brain food', but I'm just going to have to go and talk with them again.  Won't they be surprised to find it is pear, only pear and nothing but the pear.

Oh my goodness,  I made so many mistakes doing this. 

I tried to dry the pear purée,  but…