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Banana Bread (Gluten-free)

Just another go at this type of recipe.  This one, of course, does not have carob in it,  but is the classic banana bread we like to make when the bananas have gone brown in the bowl and no-one's touching them with a barge pole.  What a luxury!!  Here in Australia,  we've had a banana shortage for a year,  it's great to see them at a more reasonable price.

This recipe is my sort of own,  with inspiration drawn from several places.   I just googled 'gluten-free banana bread'.  Maybe that's how you found this recipe???  (Okay,  that excited me just a bit.)   The loaf at the back is Kerten's Kitchen's Rice bread which we made every day and all these went into the oven together.

3 large Bananas*4 Eggs1 whole tinned Pear180g Plain all-purpose gluten-free flour (I've got FG Roberts,  from the supermarket)165g Buckwheat flour1 tsp Sodi Bic230g Sugar1/4 tsp Cinnamon** (optional)Method:
Place Bananas, Eggs and Pear into Thermomix and combin…

Buckwheat & Banana Muffins (gluten-free)

We've been toying with some gluten-free recipes....  the general idea being that we're helping to support Ms C's digestive system while she is receiving treatment.  Treatment for what??  Don't worry,  nothing earth shattering.  As in,  she's not 'ill' as such.  She's not suffering a disease.  But SOMETHING is causing her body to be unable to process salicylates and amines properly and we're getting to the bottom of it.  But, that is a post for another day.  When I (hopefully) have more to report. 

So, that's why you might see a few gluten-free recipes in the next few weeks.  This one, I adapted from Muffin Tin Mania  (Thanks!!)

Oh, by the way,  if you're looking for some easy, tasty gluten-free recipes for a family,  you'd do really well with "Kersten's Kitchen- Allergy Free, Not Flavour Free".  She has some great recipes to start with and build on.  I'll be blogging one adaption soon... some cupcakes.