Chicken in the fry pan

This is one of those 'it's too easy... should I write about it?' type of recipes.  It's not even really a recipe.  Just some ideas to make a quick and easy AND YUMMY meal with some chicken breasts. 

I always slice the breasts through the middle to make them thinner and more even in thickness.  That way they cook more evenly, quicker and they go further.  I think Jamie Oliver likes to pound his.

Last night I started them in a fry pan on a medium heat and sprinkled with a little salt,  then after flipping them over, I dribbled some Golden Syrup over it all.  Not so much it was swimming,  but enough so each piece had some.  And, more towards the end of the cooking time so I didn't burn the Golden Syrup.  (Burnt sugar smell!  Ugh!)  After moving the chicken around to make sure it was all well covered in the melted Golden Syrup, I set it aside to rest.  While that was happening  I put a blob of butter in the fry pan and then sauteed 1 leek, sliced thickly, to soak up all the juices and syrup.  I then served it with steamed veg, oven fries and the leek on top of the chicken.  Well,  Mr Frillypants and I had the leek.  The kids just had naked chicken.  :)

Suggestions for cooking chicken in the fry pan:

  • Sliced leek and Golden Syrup
  • Butter and crushed Garlic
  • Pear Chutney, similar in method to Golden Syrup


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