The Failsafe Butcher!!!

I have just had the most awesome conversation with a butcher!  His name is Steve and he's at: 

Ozzies Gourmet Butchery

55 Hamilton Place, Mount Waverley, VIC 3149

p: (03) 9809 5208  f: (03) 9809 5208

And, oh my goodness,  he knows Failsafe!  And he knows fructose. And he knows lactose.  And he knows gluten.  He knows amines.  He knows herbs and spices.  Squeeeeaaa!!  He's the guy you go to and say "My doctor says I shouldn't eat fructose." and he'll say "Okay, so you can have this, this and this."  WOW!!!!!  I asked him when I just now called him, is he a Failsafer or has he done this for his customers?  He's done this for his customers!!  He says he's been in touch with the Fed Up people for about 10 years,  working things out along the way.

As a result,  Mr Frillypants is travelling to Melbourne tomorrow and he is going to pick up chicken sausages,  lamb sausages, some steak and for a real treat... (oh my goodness!!)... nitrite-free bacon!!!  I have never been so excited about a butchers before and I feel like I just have to give him a shout out for making my life so much easier.

Mr Frillypants probably won't be back tomorrow for dinner,  so you're all going to have to wait until the next day to hear about the quality and if this has all been worthwhile.   

At this link, you'll find the list of over 80 Failsafe Butchers, Australia-wide.  Sorted by postcode.


  1. Steve is fantastic but keep in mind that he does need you to PRE-ORDER your meats and snags, so he can get the meat as fresh as possible. He cannot guarantee freshness of available meats otherwise. Happy eating Frillypants! Kathleen


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