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Panettone - Individual

I recently asked again on my Real Meals Facebook page if anyone had a special request.  Something they wanted me to try and convert to 'FAILSAFE' and Thermomix-ese.    Vee asked for Panettone which is an Italian sweet bread usually made for Christmas.  It's normally filled with many dried fruits and peels,  like currants, raisins and citrus peel.  Stuff we can't eat while FAILSAFE.

So,  I googled.  And I came up with quite a few recipes,  most of them claiming to be "the authentic" one.  :)  Reading these recipes I realised that every Italian family has their own idea of what is 'authentic'...  the main criterion being "it came from Nonni".   

I am not going to claim this to be 'authentic',  but I think the intention is clear.  This is "Failsafe Panettone" and these can sit proudly at any Christmas table.  Or pre-Christmas get-together.  Or end-of-year gathering.  Or...  crikey...  a birthdayparty!!  (Waves to the Decembe…