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The frillypantii will always give a big "Phwoarrrrr" when I say dinner is 'chicken-on-a-stick'.  Honestly!  It's ridiculous!  I could nicely dice the chicken,  I could present it in full breast pieces,  I could butterfly some breasts...  and still use all the same ingredients.  But add some bamboo sticks?  Yipeee!!!  Crazy, I tell you.

Now,  this dish can be presented anyway you like.  Marinade (eg Fed Up's golden marinade), don't marinade, bbq, grill...  tonight I served it with a nearly failsafe tzatziki, and a quinoa salad.  The tzatziki is just natural yogurt (moderate amines), one clove of crushed garlic, 1/2 tsp of citric acid in a tab of water and half a peeled and chopped cucumber (moderate salicylates).

What I do want to show is this method I use to make chicken sticks quickly.   I buy organic free-range chicken breasts, packaged up.  They are still in the shape of the package here.  Use as much as your family needs.  Mine are up to 3.  Soak th…