FAILSAFE is a wonky acronym for " Free of Additives, and Low in Salicylates, Amines and Flavour Enhancers"

Please go and see for yourself at www.fedup.com.au

This is not a diet you just do yourself, however.  It's quite restricted and so should only be undertaken by those who need it.  Who needs it?  Children and adults who are affected by food chemicals.  The effects and symptoms of food chemical intolerances are so many and varied that you really need to get your information from the experts,  not me.  :)  Suffice to say,  however, that if you suspect food is having an effect,  it probably is.  For us,  we're talking behaviour and state-of-mind of a small child.  So, we have done all this under the guidance of a dietitian and with the occasional advice from the many other people who also follow the Failsafe diet.  See links for some help.

Failsafe Cookbooks:

I have bought the FedUp Cookbook which is chockers full of great information and recipes for your average family and their events. A must-have for the Elimination Diet. I also have Friendly Food which is put out by the Allergy Unit of the Royal Prince Albert Hospital. It's a much more sexy looking book and has more great stuff. 

The absolute essential is the RPAH's "Elimination Diet Handbook". This has the most recent lists of food chemical levels, quite an eye opener!


Be careful where you get your list of chemical levels. Make sure it is up-to-date. This one from RPAH is from 2011.