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English Muffins

Good old,  English Muffins.  Split them with your fingers, pop them in the toaster then butter and spread with jam; grill them with savoury toppings; mini-pizzas; for morning tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea... and yes... even the evening meal when you're having a something simple like eggs and baked beans.  (Oh my!  Saturday brunch,  "egg and bicken muffin".)  The uses for little palm-sized 'rolls' are endless but unfortunately the ones you buy in the shops always have nasty preservatives. 

Making these is easy,  but set aside some time to stand at the stove.  You're going to be flipping these  over every few minutes several times.  You might like to have a couple of frypans going at once. 

I googled around and this is almost exactly this recipe at The Opies: Family Food  I've just tweeked it ever so slightly.  You might tweek it to suit yourself as well.  This recipe makes about 34 muffins using my 7.5cm scone cutter.

240g Milk25g Suga…