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Cashew Macaroons

These are very quick, very easy and give a lovely sweet and chewy biscuit.  They are wheat-free but not for nut-free schools though.  I found this recipe in a book called 500 Cookies by Philippa Vanstone... and just swapped the ground almonds for cashews.  Too simple.

I thought Macaroons would be hard to make and might need some serious egg whipping,  but all I had to do was mix it together.  Oh. 

100-115g Raw Unsalted Cashews250g Sugar2 tabs White Rice (or 1 tab rice flour)2 Egg WhitesMethod:
Pre-heat oven 175ºC and line a large oven tray Put Rice in Thermomix and grind on Speed 9 until it is flour Add sugar and create caster sugar,  Speed 9 about 10 secondsAdd cashews and grind the lot, Speed 9 about 10 secondsScrape it all down (including under the lid) and add Egg Whites and mix on Speed 5 for 7-10 seconds until it's well combined in a thick pastePipe small rounds onto lined tray... or failing that... like I did...  spoon small rounds onto lined tray and allow to s…

Pizza Base Sauce

Kudos must first of all go to Monique from the Failsafe Eating Support Facebook group who mentioned a type of bolognaise sauce she makes,  using butternut pumpkin.  That information sat at the back of my brain for a few days and then when I went to find the recipe, I couldn't find it!  Grrr.  So,  I just went for it!

Normally, I'm the type of person who follows a recipe to the letter before I branch out with variations.  But more recently my confidence in my ability to blend flavours is increasing.  Hey! I know I am no Nigella... but for the purposes of a home cook and with the limited ingredients we use,  I'm doing okay.

600g Butternut Pumpkin, roughly cubed2-4 cloves Garlic1 Tab Parsley, chopped100 mls water1 tsp Citric Acid1/2 tsp SaltPizza Base Recipe Method:
While your Pizza Base is rising...Put all ingredients into the Thermomix and cook on 100ºC for about 20 mins on Speed 2-3When all ingredients are cooked through, purée by slowly increasing to Speed 9 (…

Breakfast Protein Smoothie

If I had said 'Hey, who wants yogurt, fruit and eggs for brekky?' they'd have said.. politely...  'no thank you.' (Yeah, sure.)    But, offer them a "Banana Protein Smoothie" (in an upbeat, hyped cheer-leader-y sort of way) and they're in like Flynn.  If they think they're having a 'milkshake' for breakfast...who am I to argue?  If they think Mummy has lost her mind... well....

Ingredients (per person):
About 80-100g Milk  1 big scoop of Natural Yogurt*1 (just ripe) Banana* 1 Golden or Red Delicious Apple**, peeled and cut into quartersA dessertspoon of oats (or Psyllium Husk)1 egg 4 ice-cubesMethod:
Put it all into the Thermomix and mix on speed 9 for about 20 secondsServe immediatelyDouble, triple ingredients as needed,  except the ice-cubes,  maybe add about 2 p.p. * Moderate amines
** Moderate Salicylates

3 kids sat there,  sticking their tongues into their cups,  trying to get every last drop.  Then they held out their cups aski…

2-Minute Noodles

What?  A recipe for 2-minute noodles?  This is getting ridiculous.  Nope,  I'm really not claiming to have invented the 2-minute noodles...  but this is something that kids eat and miss; and parents miss because it's a quick and easy tummy-filler.

First up,  you need noodles.  Chang's Long Life Noodles (with 4 dried noodle cakes inside) contain wheat flour, water and salt.  Or,  you could buy Woolworth's Homebrand 2-minute Noodles and throw out the flavour sachet.  No, don't even give it away!  It's evil,  chuck it!   If you are Gluten-Free,  then there are lots brands of Rice Noodles that contain nothing but rice and water. 

Ingredient options:
Noodles Vegetable Stock ConcentrateGarlic Powder OilLow chemical vegetablesMethod:
 In a medium saucepan,  add water according to packet instructionsAdd about 1 tab Vege Stock Concentrate and combine wellWhen broth is boiling, add how ever many Noodle Cakes you'll need (I just used 3 for 4 kids)If you'd like to,…


Scones.  Has there ever been anything easier?  Well....  I distinctly remember my not-yet-but-later-ex-mother-in-law LAUGHING at me because after I declared I would make scones,  I then asked for a recipe.  A recipe?  For scones?  You're joking!!!

Well,  consider this not so much a recipe,  as a reminder that scones have always been there for us in all their low chemical, yummy glory.  I have a few scone recipes in my book,  but this one I made yesterday and today and it could not have been easier.  I have served them up to guests with Pear Jam and whipped cream and they've always been gobbled up.  (Pear Jam is an exotic delicacy? Who'd have thunk it??)

600g SR Flour1 tsp salt1/2 cup (140g) cream1 1/2 cup milkMethod:
Pre-heat oven 200-220ºC and line a long trayPut all ingredients into ThermomixMix on 'knead' for about 30 seconds or until well combinedOn floured surface,  gently press until about 1.5 cms thickCut with a round cutter or else just cut with …