Butcher success!!!

We all loved our beef and lamb sausages last night.  And our chicken ones.  The beef and lamb ones were very similar to the regular bbq sausages you'd buy and I'd have no problem serving them up to non-Failsafers.  Ms C & Ms D and Mr JR all devoured their sausages in seconds flat!  Any complaint from me would be that they were a bit skinny,  so 12 sausages were all eaten,  leaving none for school lunches.  But, they're probably the regular width,  we'd just got used to the fat ones the chicken guy in Oakleigh Market made for us.

The night before,  we had rump.  Oh, my!  I just cooked it in the pan,  with a little salt, (one side until the juices are coming out the top and then turn) and served it with mash and steamed veg.  And I cooked sliced leek in the pan juices as well, to serve on on of the meat.  Delish!!

And bacon.  Oh wow...  preservative free bacon.  I used about 100g to make savoury muffins, which Mr Frillypants and I loved,  but the kids were less enamoured.  (I'll try a more 'muffin-y' recipe next time,  this one was a bit eggy.)
It's so nice knowing I don't have to go out and face my own fears in approaching the local butcher about the 'freshness' of his meat.  It's nice to know that Mr Frillypants can go out hunting/gathering and be confident his catch is Failsafe.   It's so nice knowing there's meat in the freezer.  There's even some preservative-free ham in there!  Sure, my Failsafer can't eat it, but the rest of us could have a little treat, just quietly.  And now I know about food,  I wouldn't touch ham from the Deli or supermarket.  Blergh!  It annoys me that the Deli just says 'shaved ham'... no mention of the preservatives.  I wonder how it skips the labelling rules??

Anyway,  bottom line is we'll be back to Ozzie's Butchers in Mt Waverley.

Edit:  At this link you'll find the list of more than 80 Failsafe Butchers across Australia, sorted by Postcode.   http://fedup.com.au/information/shopping-list/meat-poultry-seafood-eggs