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Citric Slice

Something sweet for a change.

I am forever after snacks and school lunchbox ideas. These aren't what you'd call a 'healthy' snack... but it's home-made, additive-free and yummy! :D


2 pkts Arnott's Arrowroot biscuits (because Arnott's don't use oil containing antioxidant)1 cup (1 tin) condensed milk220 g butter1/4 - 1/2 tsp citric acid
2 cups icing sugar75 g soft butter1 tsp citric acid2 tabs waterMETHOD
Line 20cm x 40cm slice tray with baking paperCrush biscuits in food processor until fine crumbsCook butter and condensed milk, stirring in small saucepan until butter meltsStir in citric acidAdd butter mix to biscuits in large bowl and mix well with wooden spoonPress biscuit mix into the slice tray, ensuring a nice and even finishRefrigerate for 1 hourTopping
Mix citric acid with water until dissolved (should be as 'sharp' as lemon juice)Combine sugar and butter and mix well with electric beatersGradually add citric mix unt…