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Pear & Vanilla Jam

This is just a small addition and adaption to Birgit's recipe in the Fed Up cookbook.  Most of the frillypantii love this jam and guests are always intrigued.  As if I've created jam from some exotic fruit.  Everyone loves it and it's probably because it's such a subtle flavour.

I added vanilla when I saw a 'gourmet jam' for a squillion dollars in a deli.  'Pear and vanilla'.  The second time I made it was for the school's Easter Fair.  I was going to take pity on the stall and buy them myself... but by the time I got there,  it was all gone!  Ridiculous!  People paid about $6 for a small jar.  The cost to produce this is so teeny tiny I can't even make my brain small enough to work it out.  And... even if you don't have a Thermomix,  the recipes I have read online show that the saucepan method is almost as simple.  (Except, I've walked away from my jam-making-Thermomix to type this.  Can't do that with a saucepan.  No,  I do not se…

Savoury Pinwheels

I was inspired by one of those 4 Ingredients style recipes. 

I thought "Well!  I can do that!!  With No-Tomato Sauce and Real Deli Chicken.  Easy!!"  (Yeah  I often think in exclamation marks.    !!!   Are you surprised?!?!?!) 

With the Deli Chicken,  to err on the side of caution we'll have to assume the amines are building up and up each time it is cooked...  so,  let's just consider this a 'moderate' amine dish and be careful if you're sensitive to amines. 

2 sheets Puff Pastry (commercial:  Pampas frozen sheets have no bad additives *today* but always read the label)2 tabs or so Sandra's No-Tomato Sauce 100g or less of Real Deli Chicken,  chopped finelyMethod:
While the sheets are still frozen and on their plastic sheet, spread a layer of the sauce,  all the way to the edges.  How thick depends on your preferenceSprinkle with chopped chicken,  making sure it's all the way to the edges.Roll the pastry (it will have thawed by now) …