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Potato & Leek Soup

I've resisted this....  I thought is didn't sound very appetising.  I haven't changed my mind yet.... it's only started cooking!  But I've been encouraged to try with reviews of the basic Failsafe recipe on the Facebook Failsafe Eaters Support Group (see links).  So, I've combined the recipe from Facebook with the Thermomix Recipe book and came up with this.  Here's hoping it doesn't end up with us eating porridge for dinner instead.  :/

Edited later...  Oh yes!  Very tasty.  Surprisingly tasty.

200g Leek, washed and roughly chopped1 clove Garlic, peeled2-3 Spring Onions, washed and chopped to long piecesButter 700g Potatoes (2-3 large), peeled and cubed1 Swede, diced. (Optional) 1 tab Vegetable Stock Concentrate700g WaterCream and chopped chives to serveMethod:
Place Leeks, Spring Onions and Garlic into TMX and chop for 10 seconds on Speed 7Add a little Butter and saute for 2 minutes on 100ÂșC on Speed 1Add Potatoes, Stock, Water  and cook fo…

Old Fashioned Butter Biscuits

Makes about 70 biscuits, so luckily these can be frozen to eat later.  This recipe is to use with a Cookie Press to make 'Spritz Cookies' or 'Pressed Cookies'.  But, the cookie press I was using (an Op Shop find for $3) was not up to the gruelling punishment I dished out.  So now I just roll those bikkies by the teaspoon full.  This recipe is for the basic butter biscuit,  which is yummy all by itself.  But you can make little changes as well,  which I'll list as I try them.

You do not need to use baking paper or grease the tray as there is so much butter in the recipe. I use non-stick and regular aluminium trays without problem.

3.5 cups (440g) Plain Flour1 tsp Baking Powder1.5 cups (340g) Butter, softened1 cup (220g) White Sugar1 egg2 tabs Milk1 tsp Vanilla ExtractMethod:
In TMX, use butterfly to cream Butter and Sugar together,  speed 4, until light and fluffy (about 1 minute +)Add Egg, Vanilla and Milk and beat again until well combined.Remove butte…

Vegetable Stock Concentrate

Another one from the TMX cookbook (pg 17),  adapted to make it Failsafe.  Use this Stock Concentrate by the table spoon,  straight from a jar in the fridge.  As a rough guide,  1 tablespoon = 1 commercial stock cube.  The salt is its preservative.  If you decrease it (I have already decreased it by 1/3), so is the shelf-life reduced.  The leek 'head' is the greener top part of the leek I normally do not use.  But today I paid $5 per leek,  so darn it! I was going to get my money out of them!!!!!

3 leek 'heads'250 g celery1-2 cloves garlic2-3 spring onions1 zucchini*, peeled handful of parsley leaves100g cooking salt1 tab failsafe oil*Moderate Salicylates
Wash thoroughly and roughly chop all vegies Throw all vegies into the TMX and chop for 10  seconds on Speed 6Add salt and oil and then cook for 20 minutes on Varoma temperature on Speed 1.Mix by slowly turning speed dial to Speed 6 then pulverising for 1 minute on Speed 9.Store in refrigerator (or fr…