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Fettucine Carbonara-ish

Now that we've discovered the wonders of 'white bacon' or 'bicken' or 'chacon' (ha ha ha) we're starting to enjoy old favs... that just HAVE to have that salty-bacon flavour.  This is one I never thought I'd see again.  Bacon, even if you can get it without the nitrites and whatever other nasties they'll add... is still naturally very high in amines.  And if you're sensitive to amines then that's a problem.

The 'white bacon' that we use must surely have increased in amines since it is actually cooked twice (poached and then sliced and fried) but (and I am making an educated guess here) not to the same level at bacon.  Another benefit is the lack of sodium.  The chicken is brined,  but the sodium absorbed is nowhere near that found in standard commercial bacon.  (Yes, I did calculations.)

I have adapted this recipe from  (I love that site).

4 Eggs1 tsp Salt (or to taste)1/2 cup thickened Cream100-200 grams…

Real Deli Chicken

The internet community is amazing, isn't it?  I have been a part of special interest forums (infertility, breastfeeding, homebirth, parenting, Thermomix, Failsafe diet) and I love that there's always someone out there with the information you need.  This recipe is exactly that.  On the 'Beyond Failsafe - Biomedical Treatment for Food Intolerances' facebook group, one person asked for some 'chicken-y school lunch ideas'.  Along came Meredith H. with her very simple answer.  She soaks chicken in brine,  poaches it...  and as easy as that you have a very commercial-tasting 'Deli Chicken' with no cruddy ingredients what-so-ever.  Her kids call it 'white bacon'...  we played around with 'chacon', 'bicken'...  and the winner is Real Deli Chicken.

500+g chicken breast filletsAbout 1/4 cup salt1 Litre Cold Water, METHOD:
Dissolve salt in water by stirring wellPut in whole chicken breasts, cover and place in fridge Soak for 2-3…