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Muesli Bars - Moderate chemical

"Hidden Nutrition".  It's my new mantra,  thanks to Mim over at the facebook Failsafe Eating Support Group.  (She is the purée queen,  adding chocko and swede to all sorts of things.)  I love to make food that the kids will just eat and eat because it's yummy... and I know they're actually getting something that is GOOD FOR THEM.  Not just 'not too bad',  but actually GOOD.  The 2 girls share food at an after-school art class and the other kids all love these as well.  So,  it's not just about my kids being 'used to stuff with no flavour'.  (hardy har har)  Okay,  so what's the secret in this one?  There are 2.  Condensed milk (HELLO) and chocolate chips (MUMMA).  Did you notice I said 'Moderate chemical' up there?  What I'm weighing up here is the actual dose of a chemical eaten vs the benefit of the other foods.  THIS IS NOT AN ELIMINATION DIET FOOD...  unless you omit the chocolate and the vegetables.  Ms C seems to be tole…

Tangy Quinoa 'Risotto' with Ricotta

When the kids ask what's for dinner and I give them the answer (because I've finally got back on the menu planning wagon)...  and then they screw up their noses and say "Awwwwww....  I don't want that!"..... I lose steam.  Yes,  some goes out my ears (ha ha) but I mean I lose momentum.  Suddenly I don't feel like making it anymore and so I sit down and start looking online for inspiration.  Then I notice I have some notifications on facebook....  then an email comes in... then I must update my status... then... I must comment on that hilarious picture about homebirth... then... then dinner is not made.

But Ms D saved the day when she suggested Risotto.  Woohoo!!!!  Yay!!!  Oh...  wait....  we don't have any arborio rice.  (And really,  that much cheese is not a good idea as far as amines go)... and then I wonder.... hmmmm....  I get excited all over again.  Can I make risotto with quinoa?  Thanks to google... I found a few recipes and decide…