Kids' Birthday Party Menu

I've been on the Failsafe for a few years now and have four kids,  so,  parties come up!  Even so,  I still get a bit 'deer in headlights' and can't imagine what on earth I am going to serve all these children.  Their ages right now range from 12 down to 2,  with one turning 5 this weekend.   So,  there's a bit of an age range to consider; what's cool or what's so totally not *rolls eyes dramatically*...  but at the end of the day,  it's a party.  And if it's party food,  then it's probably okay.

I will add to this as I think of things...  and will also try to have recipes for everything on here over the next few months.  But mostly this is to give some ideas and get it started.

From the supermarket:

  • Red Deli Sea Salt Chips (crisps)
  • Schweppes Lemonade (in bottles, not cans)
  • Parkers Pretzels (Plain)

From home:

No bake:

  • Carob or Chocolate Truffles
  • Cheesecake - individuals
  • Dips - Hommus,  Beetroot, Tsatziki, 


  • Birthday Cake (of course!)
  • Cup-cakes (butter or vanilla cake)
  • Scones with Pear Jam and whipped cream
  • Decorated Butter Biscuit / Cookies
  • Pop Rocks (from the Fed Up cook book: rice cakes, broken up and covered in toffee.)
  • Toffee
  • Cashew Macaroons

Lollies (Sweets/Candy):


  • Pascal White Marshmallows  (Aldi often has packets of white only)
  • Werthers Original Toffees
  • Wizz Fizz original flavour

Be careful when buying Natural Flavoured lollies as they are still very high in Salicylates in those natural flavours and colours.  It's a risk some of us take for a party,  only you know how sensitive you  or your kids are.


Check Allergy Train and The Little Lolly Shop for what's available and allow time for delivery! 
  • White Fairy Floss
  • White Musk Sticks
  • Lollypops
  • Other 'Failsafe friendly' lollies from  online stores


  1. Thanks for sharing the idea for all these amazing dishes and food items. I have taken a lot of it into consideration for preparing the menu for my son’s birthday party this weekend at one of the venues in Chicago. I’m sure the guests and the birthday boy will love to try out those dishes.


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