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Yummo!!  And just the thing for a hot and sticky afternoon.  It ticks all the boxes:  fruit, water, cold.  Simple.  The only thing is,  it requires a bit of forethought.  But,  if you haven't got any frozen pear and syrup, then straight from the pantry is fine.  Just not as 'frozen'.


2 whole canned pears with syrup (ie 4 pear-halves), previously frozen1 tray of ice-cubes1 golden or red delicious* apple, washed and cut into quarters (optional)Method:
Put frozen pears, broken up a bit, ice-cubes and apple into TMXPulverise/smash/puree on Speed 6 increasing to Speed 10You may need the spatula to ensure all the ice gets into the blades, while it's going.Serve as a sorbet if a bit on the solid side or as a slushy, if more liquid.  (Serves 4 kids, with a bit left over for me.) Verdict:  My kids will happily have a couple of these a day on a hot weekend...  and I will happily give it to them.

Tweeks:  Leave out the apple if you're not having moderate Salicylat…

Pumpkin Pizza Base

I had a half a butternut pumpkin I needed to use...  at first I thought I'd whip up some pumpkin scones,  but then I thought "I wonder how this would go in a pizza dough?!?!"  I asked my friends at the Thermomix forum and it seemed it was possible...  and the result was just lovely.  I used the basic pizza dough recipe and added the pureed pumpkin, then added flour to bring it back to the right consistency. Depending on how much pumpkin you have and how wet the puree is,  have a bit of a play.

1/2 Butternut Pumpkin*, (about 400g) peeled and diced100g water280g water 7g dry yeast (1 sachet)20g oil2 tsp salt (cooking or salt)500g Bakers FlourUp to 200g Bakers Flour extraMethod:
Put pumpkin and 100g water into TMX and cook at 100degC, 20 minutes, Speed 1-2)When finished, puree by slowly turning dial up to Speed 6 for about 8-10 SecondsScrape puree out of TMX bowl and set aside to allow to coolDon't wash out bowlPlace 280g water, yeast and oil into TMX bowl.Mix…

Caramel Sauce

Straight from the Fed Up cookbook,  page 186.  This is great on ice-cream and today I used it on Baked Doughnuts.  I'm just going to put in the regular method now and when I make it again, I'll add the TMX instructions.

60g butter1 cup Brown Sugar2 egg yolks, beaten80 mls milkMethod:
Melt butter and sugar togetherAdd egg yolks, mixing wellStir in milk and cook until mixture boils and thickensCool and store in fridge.

Baked Doughnuts

As I'm slowly replacing all my pantry Tupperware with lovely glass jars, I usually carefully check out the kitchen section of local Op Shops.  Lo and behold!  A 12-hole doughnut tray!  For three bucks?  Sure!  I'll take it!!   (And the glass jar beside it for $1.)

So, then the big question?  Do I reeeeaaally want to 'bake' doughnuts?  Really?  The fried ones are, obviously, da best!!  The best tasting I mean.  To me,  the only 'real' doughnuts are the fried ones.  In circles, coated in cinnamon sugar or in a ball,  with a shot of hot red jam in the middle.  Oh, so many memories... in the crowd of a Tuesday night football games at VFL Park... a red stain down the front of whatever top I had on...  hot, sticky jam that squirted out when I bit the wrong side...

Where was I?  Baked doughnuts.

I went to the Thermomix forum for this recipe.  I knew someone would have mastered it for me to just adjust to Failsafe-ese.  The original recipe had yogurt,  but I only had …