About me

I am a mum of 2 daughters (Ms D and Ms C) and 2 sons (Mr JR and Mr JA).  Married to Mr frillypants.

In early 2009 we discovered the reasons behind Ms C's extreme emotions, behavioural weirdness, tempers, inappropriate utterances...  Under the supervision of a dietitian, we went through the RPAH Elimination Diet.  For 3 weeks we ate....  NOTHING.  Okay,  we didn't eat *nothing*!  But, the food we ate was not from the 'yummy' end the spectrum.  More from the traditionally 'yucky' end.  Gradually we added food chemicals back into Ms C's diet and held our breath.  Unfortunately for her, she is intolerant to Salicylates, Amines and Glutamate.  We had already removed the bad additives from our diet and had seen great results,  so there was no need to double check those.  We knew they did bad things to her state of mind.  But removing these natural food chemicals meant learning to eat from a whole different basket of food.  So, now, focusing on what we CAN eat,  rather than what we CANNOT, I am experimenting with our meals to find ones that can become the new family favourites.
Meals we can have with visitors without apologising for the diet we're on.  Tasty, healthy meals.