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Lamb with Cous Cous...errr Rice... and Roast Veg Medley

On the way home from school, Ms D  asked "What's for dinner?" Same as every other day. "Lamb with cous cous." I said, which covered many possible combos. She put in her whiny voice, so delightful, and whinged "Ohhhhoo, do we have to have cous cous? I hate cous cous. Can't you do rice instead?"

I sighed. She couldn't just accept my answer, she always had to pick on it! Turns out, she went and put a curse on it as well.

You probably know how to prepare cous cous. Just add water! Easy. Hot or cold, both work. But not this time!! I had a solid block of cous cous in my bowl. What? TWICE! WHAT????? Dinner time had come and gone, so I thought 'Bugger it! Rice it is! Ms D  gets her wish.'

400-500 g diced lambGreek yogurt1 spring onion, finely sliced
garlic powder (trialling this for a change)citric acidground sea salt
potatoes, pumpkin, parsnipcous cousoil for cooking/baste

Pre-heat oven 180. Place roasti…


Lest anyone think I am holding myself up as some sort of Mum-of-Excellence, after driving around for 3 hours etc etc etc, we decided to have Maccas for dinner.

Of course, I'd never recommend this as a healthy or failsafe meal. It's not. It is what it is. And, happily, we seem to be able to get away with it if we only do it very occasionally amongst many days of 'good' food either side.

Verdict: Everyone loves me.

Chicken and Swede Corn Noodle Soup.

What's 'Swede Corn' you're wondering? Well, it's an unintentional pun.

Ms C: "Mummy, what's this called?"
Me: "Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup."
Ms C: "Ooooooh. Sweet? I thought it was Swede."
Me: "Well, there is swede in it, but it's 'sweet corn'."
Ms C: "Swede?"
Me: "This bit here. That's swede."
Ms C: "Oooooh, swede corn?"
Me: "..."
Me: "Okay. It's Chicken and Swede Corn Noodle Soup."
Ms C: "..."

1.5 litres chicken stock (homemade)2 tabs pearl barley3 chicken breasts1 swede (rutabaga)1 spring onion1 stalk celery310g tin creamed corn*1 cup green cabbagesea saltfine noodles (eg Fantastic Longlife noodles)1 eggMethod:
In a large, heavy pot (at least 2 litres), heat stock to simmeradd barleycut swede into small cubes, add to stockcut chicken into small pieces, add to stockfinely slice spring onion, celery and cabbage and add to stockAdd creamed cor…

Pumpkin and Lentil Lasagne with Ricotta

I was ‘making up’ a meal tonight. I make them up, because we can't eat what we used to eat. We can't enjoy the flavours we used to. We've all gone FAILSAFE. There are a few things I miss more than others. One of the biggies is Lasagne. I used to make it with lots of red wine, oregano and plenty of cheese in the bechamel (white) sauce. Yummo!! We'd eat it with salad or steamed veg. A glass of red. Okay, there's still a glass of red.
Anyway, I thought, "I'm making up all these meals... some work and some don't and some need tweaking or more inspiration. I need to keep track!!!" And so, here we are. My blog on meals that really work... or not... that are BAD-additive free, low in salicylates, amines and glutamate. 'Look Mum! *waves* I've got a blog!'


'Meat' Sauce
2 tins brown lentils1 tin red kidney beans1 leek2 cloves garlic1 spring onionbutternut pumpkin*citric acidwater
Bechamel Sauce

60 grams butter4 tabs flour2 cups mil…