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Pear Crumble

The one in the photo here has some other cereals in it,  as made by Ms D, aged 11.  That's how easy this is.  This is very easy to make and sometimes I decide to do it at the last stages of meal prep and then have this cooking in the oven while we eat dinner.  Delicious with cream and/or ice cream.  (I hate it when I'm offered a choice... when I want to say "both")  We even had a visitor who adores the traditional apple crumble and didn't even realise this was pear.  Yay.

2 large 825g cans of Pears in syrup (not juice)80g chilled Butter, cubed100g Self Raising Flour 95g Brown Sugar75g Rolled OatsMethod:
Combine Butter, Flour, Sugar and Oats in Thermomix to make toppingMix on Speed 5 for 8 seconds, until like breadcrumbs  Tip out and put aside Crumble MixDrain Pears (reserve syrup for icypoles or jelly!) and place into ThermomixChop up a bit on Speed 4-5 for about 5 secondsCook on 100ÂșC, for 10 minutes on Speed 2Place cooked pears into approc 20cm oven-…

'Lemon' and Poppy Seed Muffins

Anna G. mentioned 'Lemon and Poppy seed muffins' on the Failsafe Eating Support Group on Facebook and I knew I just had to try them...  right now!!!  I googled and the one I picked was from "The English Kitchen".  If you don't have a Thermomix,  just check her recipe there for the order things go in.   I loved "Debunking the myths of English Cookery one recipe at a time."  It made me smile.

So, obviously I had to lose the lemon to make this Failsafe... but that was all.  I just needed to exchanged lemon juice for citric acid and water.

80g water1 tsp Citric Acid220g Sugar1/2 tsp Citric Acid, extra335g SR Flour2 tabs Poppy Seeds60g Butter, melted 250g Milk2 EggsMethod:
Combine Water and Citric Acid, stir until dissolved and set asidePlace sugar and extra Citric Acid into Thermomix and pulverise on speed 9 for 5 secondsPut aside 2 tabs of the sugar mixture.
Add Flour and Poppy Seeds and combine on Speed 4-5 for 10 secondsScrape down, close lid …

Ciabatta No-knead Bread

Thanks to Dave-the-printer-who-bakes, Mr frillypants is always coming home with another bready hint.  This one was a real goody.  This bread may have an adults-only rating,  because it's very chewy and needs a strong jaw.  The main thing with this incredibly easy recipe is time.  This sits for a total of 20 hours!  The mixing is easy,  the shaping is easy, the baking is easy.....  the waiting for that bready deliciousness is what's hard!!!

I'm going to include a ready reckoner....  I keep trying to count hours on my fingers,  working out when it will be ready.  Yes,  I really am that sleep-deprived and distracted that I can't work it out.  Let's blame the overnight feeds, shall we?  :)

3 cups of Plain Flour1/4 tsp of instant Yeast1 1/4 tsp of Salt1 1/2 cups of Warm WaterMethod:
In a large bowl mix together Flour, Yeast and SaltAdd water and mix until it has all come together.Cover with cling film and leave in a safe place for 18 hours.  At least 18 hours…

Fruit & Custard Pillows

This one has been doing the rounds, it seems.  This is my little adaption...  fruit and pastry is not enough.  I want custard, too!!! Oh yes... I do.   I first saw this recipe on Facebook page: HalfBaked.  She linked back to the Thermomix forum to this thread: Reply 9 and then I also found it on Bambi & Bimby.  Check the other recipes for alternatives to sweeteners and fruit I've used.  Each had their own take on the fruit used, but everyone agreed, they were 'just like a bought one'.  That's what makes these great for the school lunch box.  They look like the ones the poor unfortunate kids have... the kids with the packet ones full of crappy additives.   Cut these to whatever size you like.  Mine were about 15cms the first try and then about 5cm the next time.  I think that's a better 'snack size' for my kids. 

Looking down the page at this recipe,  it looks really involved.  Actually,  it's very easy!


Fruit Filling
250 g canned Pear 15…