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Quinoa, Cashew and Chickpea Salad

It's November,  so now we're thinking about Christmas presents and *gulp* all those barbeques, work functions and family get-togethers we're about to go to.  I have tasted some awesome summery cous cous or quinoa salads that are just about meals in themselves,  but were flavoured with citrus juices and full of dried fruits. No good for us.  :(   Tonight,  I've tried to do a Failsafe version of a healthy, high protein, light but filling Summer salad.  

1 cup Quinoa,  cooked as per packet's instructions 100g raw CashewsSmall bunch Parsley leaves, finely choppedBean Sprouts Cucumber*, peeled and dicedWhatever other fresh "Summery" vegetables you 'd like1tsp Citric Acid3tabs water50g Rice Bran Oil 400g tin of Chickpeas, drained and rinsed (about net 250g)1/2 tsp saltMethod:
Pre-heat oven 180ÂșCCook Quinoa as per instructions (1 part quinoa, 3 parts water), rinse in cold water, drain wellDissolve Citric Acid in the Water Add Salt and Parsley and…

Coq au Vodka

The first time I made this,  I had everyone come to the kitchen to taste the sauce from the pan.  It was a new flavour for some and a forgotten one for others.   Their eyes lit up,  they all oooh and aaaah'd,  it was just right.  Delicious!  Then I served it up,  the sauce was so thin it didn't 'stick' to the food and we ended up with some cooked chicken and floppy veg, not looking very appealing and not tasting so great.  Bugger.

I realised too late that what I should have done was thicken the sauce with some flour, so the sauce would stick around to add the delicious flavour. Of course,  I have had to wait some time before trying this again.  Too soon and the frillypantii would have simply refused to try it.  Too long and we'd be in the thick of Summer and not feeling like casseroles.

Obviously this is my failsafe version of Coq au Vin.   Red wine is nothing like failsafe. You can be sure,  I've never told my kids that... absolutely not relevant to their live…