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500g mince beef1 can lentils, drained and rinsed1 carrot, roughly chopped*1-2 sticks celery, roughly chopped1-2 cloves of garlic, peeledhandful of parsley leaves FILLINGS
carrot, grated*lettucecucumber, peeled*pear ketchupMighty Mayo
Place carrot, celery, garlic and parsley in TMX and zap on Speed 6-7 until it's well grated.  About 4-5 seconds?Add mince beef, lentils and process on reverse until well combined Remove to another bowl so you don't hurt the TMX and using a spoon to measure (I used a soup spoon) create your little burger patties.  Roll and then flatten so it won't take too long to cook (Increasing amines)  I like this size for kids' burgers especially.Fry in a little oil (if you'd like) or non-stick fry panToast your rolls if you like it that way.  I do!  But Mr frillypants doesn't.Either make all the hamburgers or put bowls with all the fillings on the dinner table for everyone to create their ownOh!  Chips!!  What's a burger w…

Vanilla Yogurt

This is straight from the Thermomix recipe book, and makes 1 kilo/litre of yogurt, but I've decided I've hit right mix of sugar and vanilla to get the most delicious Vanilla Yogurt.  To make yogurt, you need a starter of course, which is just 3 tablespoons of pot-set yogurt.  Before making my own, I was making Easiyo yogurt, using the sachet and water.  I was surprised to find (because it really IS  yogurt!!) that I could use my last bit of Easiyo as my first starter.  The great part of having used Easiyo is that I have the pot and thermos to set it in.  There are lots of yogurt websites out there,  dedicated to the intricacies of creating 'the real thing'.  I use this recipe and it is yet to fail apart from my own error.  I am told that each generation gets thicker and that certainly seems to be true and each batch I make is declared "oooooooh,  that's a good one!"

The hardest part of having to use your previous batch to start your next batch is making …