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Chicken and Coconut curry-less curry

I am so proud of this,  because I created it my very own self.  I kept joking to Mr frillypants that he might need to go out for some fish and chips... but when I tasted it I was rapt.  I called it a curry-less curry simply because with the chicken and coconut combo,  as well as the texture of the dish,  it is so reminiscent of curries I have made in the past. 

You may be wondering what on earth I am doing using coconut?  It wasn't commercially processed coconut (which is Very High in both Salicylates and Amines),  but fresh (Moderate in both).  I bought it at the supermarket to use in lunch boxes,  just for something different that was *fresh* and NOT a carrot stick.  When I opened the fridge and saw those pieces there,  I was inspired.

The method I describe here is how I did it today.  I could well tweek it later.  What's probably most important is the flavour combinations.  Oh...  and it's important to have leftover Pumpkin Soup in the fridge.  Okay?  Okay.

It's n…

Butternut Pumpkin Soup

First of all,  if you're on the Strict Elimination Diet,  then this is not for you.  Move along,  do not do this to yourself.  If you can tolerate moderate Salicylates, then you'll love this.  The kids all love this and I love that I can whip this up really quickly in the Thermomix and be eating in about 40 minutes.  I also love that Ms C loves this as a Winter school lunch as well. There's a lot of love.

1/2 Leek, sliced in large slices1-2 cloves of Garlic Half a Butternut Pumpkin*, peeled and cut into large chunks1 tab Vegetable Stock Concentrate700g water  (or chicken stock)2 medium Carrots*, peeled and cut into large chunks1 medium potato, peeled and cut into large cubes1/2 Swede, peeled and cubed  (optional)1 tsp saltknob butter Method:
Sautée the leek and garlic with a knob of butter, 2 minutes, 100ºC Speed 2I am usually chopping and adding as I go now.  I set the TMX for 25 minutes, 100ºC Speed 2 and chuck in all the vegies as I go,  in the order listed, t…

ANZAC Biscuits (with Hidden Nutrition)

It's ANZAC Day here in Australia.  For those of you who don't know,  it marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.  If you want to read up on the ANZAC Tradition,  read here.  If you want to read the history of the ANZAC biscuit,  check this page

This is my family's recipe,  given to me over the phone one day by my older sister.  I've adapted it here to add some hidden nutrition.  Surprise kids!!!  There's more to these yummy sweet bikkies than meet the eyes.  As I'd played with the flavour a little by adding Quinoa flakes,  I've done some with chocolate chips...  to cover my tracks.  Hopefully they'll be so pleased to see a little blob of chocolate in there,  they won't notice.   I have left most without though,  as Mr frillypants is a part of the anti-chocolate league.  Weirdo.

1 cup Rolled Oats1 cup Plain Flour3/4 cup sugar1 tab Psyllum Husk1 tab …