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Banana Pancakes - 2 ingredients.

Okay,  we'll start with 2 ingredients.  You may want to add 1 more.  This is moderate to high amines,  depending how ripe your bananas are so this would make a great Gluten-Free Amine challenge. 

I am back to dabbling in gluten-free.  As I am dabbling,  I won't make big noises about it on here because I don't know enough about it,  all the hiding places of gluten,  to be a GF-frillypants-guru. 

So,  this is one of those recipes you wonder how it is you got to *the age you are* and didn't know this.  A bit like "Banana Ice-Cream - 1 ingredient".  I was googling around, trying to find a really quick GF flat bread while the kids were whining at me that they were hungry.  I am at this awful early stage of GF when I've removed the bread,  but I haven't yet replaced it.  I need to think this through much better!

So,  here's the site where I got the recipe:  Top With Cinnamon

1 large banana**2 eggs Optional:
1/4 tsp GF Baking Powder** Mod Amin…

Hearty Beef Casserole

Brrrr!!!  Did you feel that?  Autumn started.  Really suddenly down in the Southern parts of Australia.  Goodbye BBQs and salads and hello to belly-warming fare.

I felt certain that I would have already blogged this recipe.  I found it in my notebook where I do my workings-outs then came here to get the final draft... and nope!  I haven't posted it at all.

1 kilo diced Beef1 Leek, sliced finely2-3 cloves Garlic, crushed2 carrots*, diced1-2 sticks Celery, sliced1/2-1 Swede, diced2-3 med Potatoes,  peeled and diced1/4 cup Whiskey1 cup No-Tomato Sauce750mls Water or Stock Oil for frying Peas**Method:
Preheat oven 180ÂșCIn heavy oven-proof dish with a lid,  SautĂ© leek, garlic, celery and carrotSet aside Add diced Beef in small batches and brown, removing each batch as you goAdd all beef back into the pan still on the moderate heatAdd Whiskey, stirringAdd all VegiesAdd Water or Stock and No-Tomato Sauce and stir to combine wellPut into oven and cook for about 30-50 minutesAdd…