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Delicious Chicken & Cashews with Noodles

Using the TMX to stir fry was a bit scary.  I was worried I'd end up with a mush of cooked vegies.  So, I watched carefully with this one, but didn't pay attention to times.    Also, when it came to cooking the chicken,  I...errrr... chickened out.  It was stirring slowly around in there and I suddenly thought it was going to end up an uncooked mush (not much faith in the TMX?) so I tipped it out to a hot fry pan.

The golden syrup came out in a great big blob when the lid just popped off... so I'd estimated the quantity.  Teaches me to buy sauce bottles from $2 shops!!  When it comes to a noodle dish, I really do miss that smooth texture of the sauces on the noodles.  I hoped I could replicate this and I think I got it!!

500g chicken breast1-2 tabs canola oil1-2 garlic cloves - crushed1 carrot - finely sliced - matchsticks 2 sticks celery, finely slicedbamboo shoots - sliced into matchstickssnow peas - sliced roughly diagonally 100-125g raw cashews2 spring onio…

Butternut Pumpkin Lentil Spaghetti

Or:  "Lentil Pasta - Best Ever (2)"

I was making lentil pasta, opened the pantry and discovered I didn't have the ingredients I wanted.  No worries!   It's lentil pasta!  It's very forgiving.  After searching the pantry and fridge I decided to have a go at a pumpkin slant.  Should be tasty?  Yep!  It was.

2 cans Lentils - drained and rinsed (keep separate)  (this time I used dried brown and red lentils,  so soaked them a while first.)1 can borlotti beans - drained and rinsed1 can chickpeas - drained and rinsedoil or butter1-2 cloves garlicl/2 - 1 leek - cut into chunks1 medium carrot - roughly chopped into chunks100g or so of Butternut Pumpkin - peeled and roughly cut into large chunkszuccini - peeled& roughly chopped1/4 - 1/8 cabbagetsp salttsp citric acid1 - 2 tabs brown sugarMethod
put in garic and leek into TMX and give it a quick whizz to chopscrape down and add butterSaute on 100 deg for 2 minutes on speed 1. Add carrot, pumpkin and zucchini and…

Chicken in Maple Marinade

I'm pretty proud if this one,  because I made it all up myself...  and it worked!!!  Hooray!!! 

Meanwhile, I thought I had ordered the Fed Up dvd produced by Sue Dengate, but what arrived was the book!  I was peeeved at myself and thought with all the discussions I've had over the last nearly 2 years, I knew A LOT about it.  Anyway, faced with the book I decided to read it and... just... wow!  Even if I did know quite a bit,  I sure understand a whole lot more now.  And that's soooo important.

So, I've ordered and received the dvd now and I look forward to watching and then sharing that.  Its blurb says it is a great tool for convincing schools, dads and in-laws.  Wow!  They really know their audience.  hee hee.  My next mission is to bring this message to Ms C & D's school, where they keep giving Ms C food!!!  It's not bad food necessarily.  It's just bad for Ms C!  And if I don't know about it, I can't make adjustments at home to compensate.  W…