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Canary in the Coal Mine

This one isn't so much a recipe...  well..  it's not a recipe at all.  Just something I've been mulling over.

In my late teens/early twenties, I started getting what I called 'jumpy-jumpy legs'.  It was especially acute on the long drive home from a dinner in Melbourne.  I'd try to suppress the urge to stamp my feet in the back seat only to have my legs jerk about even worse.  It was better if I just kept stamping.  My dad was similar... so I thought it was something about me.  It was just something that happened to me from time to time.  It never occurred to me that something outside of me was to blame.  Having lived additive-free for a couple of years now,  suddenly I notice!!  Sometimes when the kids are in bed, Mr Frillypants and I will indulge in a packet of flavoured crisps.  Mmmmmmm.  Flavouuuurrrrr.  And very soon after,  I will be thrusting my feet, kicking them out.  It's the price I pay for MSG and other flavour enhancers.  If this is …

The Seafood Adventure

I don't eat seafood.  Neither does Mr Frillypants.  And so,  by extension,  nor do any of our kids.  Well,  except for Fish'n'Chips (with a capital f and c) which I can't really count because,  let's face it,  it's a battered, deep-fried piece of tasteless shark with lots of salt.  Not exactly meeting the Omega 3 criteria, eh?  On the very few occasions I've actually walked into a fish shop, with my nose wrinkled, I've piked it (no pun intended) and gone for the flake.  Well,  that's just Fish'n'Chips,  isn't it.  I may as well go to the local shop and pay someone else to spray oil all over their kitchen.  Much easier.

So, this week I finally ventured into the local seafood shop,  situated, oddly enough, at the local airport.  When I think about it,  it actually does make perfect sense to process the day's catch right there at the airport,  but initially it had that 'Eww,  Avgas flavoured fish!" feeling. 

I told the woman b…