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Quinoa Salad

I have been hearing about Quinoa for the past year or two...  in increasing frequency.  One day I bought some, in the "Health food" ( I question that definition) aisle of the supermarket and then it sat in my pantry for soooo long.  I just didn't know what to do with it!

Finally,  after asking around, I was told to just use it like cous cous.  As a side or a base.  So,  I took the plunge and decided to make a meal,  with some lamb, roast vegies and a yogurty sauce.  While it was cooking,  some family members began commenting on the smell.  As it neared the end of its simmering time,  I kid you not,  Mr JA (then aged 19 months) broke his leg!

As I sat there,  breastfeeding the poor little guy as he forced himself back down into sleep where the pain couldn't touch him,  Mr frillypants arrived home and I started firing off orders:  turn off the stove, pack some nappies and some crackers,  grab a water bottle...  and then off we went to the local hospital.…


Here's a new one on  me...  breakfast recipe!  Ms C has long said she'd like to have muesli for breakfast,  but she can't because of the high chemical content of dried fruits and the particular fruits and nuts usually used in commercial muesli are the highest! 

But it all changed yesterday when I started my new life as the owner of a dehydrator.  I'll go into dehydrator detail on another day,  but for today,  let me say...  Hooray!  Ms C can have meusli.

So, this is what I put into her muesli today... I feel certain that I'll tweek it in the future.  So, if you have any suggestions,  please do tell!  I'm thinking that I could even do a toasted version.  And maybe add tiny bits of the pear leather I also made.

2 cups Rolled Oats (the less processed, the better)2 tabs Psyllium HuskHandful of cashews, choppedDried Red Delicious Apple slices (equiv 1 apple),  chopped finelyDried Pear slices (equiv 1 pear), chopped finelyMethod:
Combine ingredients in ai…

Banana Ice-Cream - One Ingredient

My sister sent me this recipe and this link...  and it seems the author of that blog got it from her sister. So please...  pass this on to your sister, brother, mother, father, 2nd cousin.  This is just too good to keep to yourself...  I cannot believe I didn't already know this.  This is ice-cream that is Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Gluten-free, moderate-chemical (amines)....  made from just one ingredient.


Bananas - peeled, cut into large chunks and frozen.

Process in food processor or Thermomoix until smooth and creamy Now,  wasn't that easy?

Verdict:  Incredibly delicious!!!

Tweeks:  As we need to eat our bananas a bit on the greener-side, (amines increase with time/age)  I took my sister's advice to add a slurp of maple syrup and a dollop of plain yogurt.  Lovely!!  (Ms D says it reminds her of Banoffi Pie.  I will post a FAILSAFE version of that one day, too. ) Then today I received a text from a friend whose little one can tolerate amines, tellin…