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Spaghetti Bolognese

What?  WHAT?!?!?!  Am I trying to KILL YOU?!?!?!  Nope.  This is FAILSAFE spag bol.

NO!  Really!  Honest!!!

It all started on 'Cooking for Oscar'.  Sandra made a Failsafe 'No-Tomato Sauce'.   Then people on the Facebook Failsafe pages were sharing what they had made with it.  They used it as a dipping sauce,  as a ketchup,  a dressing and as an ingredient anywhere you'd use a tomato passata.  (You can see where I'm going, right?)

So,  trusting all my friends in the computer I gave it a whirl.  When I said "Failsafe Bolognese" Ms D jumped on me in excitement.  (No, really.  She jumped into my arms.  Did I mention she's in grade 6?!?!)   I told her to calm down because I had no idea how it was going to turn out...  but she kept jumping up and down.  Yeah,  no pressure.

Luckily,  it was delish!  And SO EASY.  I had already made the No-Tomato Sauce and had it in portions in the freezer.  The rest was dead easy.

In the end...  how did it taste?  Well.…


Mr frillypants is English...  so he knows ALLLLLL about Indian food.  Right?  I was googling for some chickpea recipes and came across Onion Bhajis and I know Mr frillypants loves these... I thought "Why wouldn't leek work???"

Of course the original recipe used all sorts of aromatic spices,  but these were seriously delicious without them.  Don't tell anyone,  but I have a deep fryer... (shhhh!! I know!)... but you can use a saucepan with a good amount of failsafe oil.  I like Rice Bran Oil especially for frying as it has a high smoke point.  The bhaji do need room to fry though.

Chickpea (Besan) flour is available at healthfood shops,  but if you have a Thermomix,  just  grind dry chickpeas (not canned) on Speed 9 for a minute or so.  The water measurement is vague...  I used 80 mls and then kept adding until I could use it.

250g Chickpea (Besan) Flour1/5 tsp salt 80-150ml water1 whole Leek,  washed, trimmed, quartered and slicedExtra veg if you'd li…

Chicken Casserole with Whiskey

I have finally worked up the courage to cook with whiskey.  I had to drink half a bottle...  not really!!  I haven't been keen.  I hate the smell of Scotch.  Really.  Hate it.  And knowing which one to buy?  Pah!  I went for something on special at Woolworths.  I think it might have been Black Douglas.

Anyway...  I didn't have a clue,  so I looked up Failsafe Foodie's recent recipe, which used Scotch, for inspiration...  then I jumped in.

When Mr frillypants got home from picking up the school and pre-school kids (gee, it was quiet) they all stopped and sniffed and said "Mmmmmmmmm,  what's that?  What's for dinner?"  Good start.  Then Mr frillypants and MsD were fighting over who was going to taste it first.... then second... then third...  I think I can safely say it's a hit without even serving it up!    

I plan to serve it with rice and green beans.  A tummy-warming casserole for a 10ÂșC rainy day.

500-600g Chicken breast or thigh, dice…


My daughter has been after me to make these for a while.  I think she was actually after the type with a sweet coating...  but she loves the salty kind as well.  I don't know much about the history of pretzels or if I might be  breaking some sort of pretzel-taboo... I have found that bready-people can be a bit touchy about the right and wrong way to 'make a bit of crumb'.   This recipe I pinched from All-recipes and adapted to Thermomix.  If you want the original instructions,  just check at the link.

Yesterday I did all white flour and today I did some wholemeal.  All good,  so please yourself.  I may actually try a sour dough one of these days,  when I have a bit more time.

7g dried yeast1 1/2 tablespoons brown sugara good pinch salt375g warm water 440g plain flour (or 300g wholemeal and 140g white)150g bread flour500g (2 cups) warm water 1 1/2 tablespoons bicarb soda2 tablespoons coarse saltMethod:
Put warm Water, Brown Sugar and Yeast into Thermomix and mix …