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Bomboloni - Baked, not fried

I used to have this Italian doughnut-like-thing in a café in Melbourne,  a bombolone.  It was sugary on the outside and on the inside was a delicious custard, or pastry cream, with a light lemony tang.  I'd try to eat it so that there was still a little bit of custard left in the last mouthful.

When I saw Sandra's Swedish Vanilla Buns on Cooking for Oscar,  those bomboloni are what I thought of.  Googling bomboloni, I see they are supposed to be fried like the regular doughnuts we know.  But I didn't know that until I'd already baked the first batch in the oven and they were great.  Be aware,  however.  I have made these twice and both times I have overfilled them with the custard and it has leaked out.  Some completely!!!  So,  heed my warning.  One teaspoon of filling for each and seal it thoroughly.  I thought I knew better and was smugly sealing a tablespoon's worth in there... but it was the volume not the seal that was their undoing.

Today, I ran out of cust…

Magic Bean Lemon Cup-Cakes

Inspired by Old Mother Hubbard from facebook page, 'Me and My Thermomix',  I wanted to try a different flavour for the Magic Bean cake.  Of course,  I had to use a different kind of magic bean,  the white kind.  I'm very excited,  this actually worked!!  But,  with cashews,  it's one we can't use for school snacks.  I didn't try this as a single large cake,  but if you do,  please do let me know.

The batter was quite thin,  like a pancake batter really...  so I was a bit scared.  But it worked out just fine.

I'll make a some lemon icing tomorrow and the kids can decorate them for our special afternoon tea.

420g can of Cannelini beans,  drained and rinsed100g raw Cashews 1.5 tsp Citric Acid 1 tsp  Vanilla Extract  5 eggs 80g white Sugar  125g soft Butter 1 tsp GF Baking Powder 1/2 tsp Sodi Bic 1/4 tsp Salt 5-10g Poppy SeedsMethod:
Pre-heat oven 160ºC and line 2 muffin trays with 24 patty pans.Put Beans, Cashews, Citric Acid, Vanilla and 1 of …