Chicken-on-a-Stick with Tzatziki and Quinoa Salad

The frillypantii will always give a big "Phwoarrrrr" when I say dinner is 'chicken-on-a-stick'.  Honestly!  It's ridiculous!  I could nicely dice the chicken,  I could present it in full breast pieces,  I could butterfly some breasts...  and still use all the same ingredients.  But add some bamboo sticks?  Yipeee!!!  Crazy, I tell you.

Now,  this dish can be presented anyway you like.  Marinade (eg Fed Up's golden marinade), don't marinade, bbq, grill...  tonight I served it with a nearly failsafe tzatziki, and a quinoa salad.  The tzatziki is just natural yogurt (moderate amines), one clove of crushed garlic, 1/2 tsp of citric acid in a tab of water and half a peeled and chopped cucumber (moderate salicylates).

What I do want to show is this method I use to make chicken sticks quickly.   I buy organic free-range chicken breasts, packaged up.  They are still in the shape of the package here.  Use as much as your family needs.  Mine are up to 3.  Soak the sticks in water for at least an hour before using.  This will help them not catch fire later.  Always handy. Chicken-on-a-charred-stump is not nearly as much fun.

Then,  with chicken pieces together,  push the sticks through with enough room to slice between.                                      Some of these look very close,  but it's where the chicken is thicker and I've got one on top of the other.

Slice with a good sharp knife... and..  here you go.  Chicken-on-a-Stick in very little time.


  1. Oh you are a LIFESAVER!!!! ( I think in exclamation marks too!!!) I have 5 kids who adore the commercial chicken kebabs, but as I am now the Queen of low salicylate diets (yes I am the culprit, not the kids) everyone is "enjoying" a new supermarket-bought-yucky-too-much-marinade-anyway (I also think in hyphens apparently?) kebabs for us anymore. And I love the cheat-y way you slice I said FIVE kids. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Sally, for taking the time to leave this comment. :D You are very welcome and I'm so glad it helps. frillypants x


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