Carob Syrup

Carob Syrup on Ice-Cream

You can buy this stuff.... and it is expensive!!!  OR... you can make it in the saucepan or TMX at home and it is cheap cheap cheap.  You might like to save a pretty bottle or jar to store this.  Maybe a Maple Syrup jug thingy would work.

I yoinked this recipe from Sandra at "Cooking For Oscar".  Here's the Link:  Carob Syrup saucepan.
You can use it on ice-cream and it goes a bit like Ice Magic.  Crispy.  cool!
Add it to sweet stuff like cakes (see Sandra's recipes) and savoury stuff like Trish's Sauce of Wonder. Today, I added it to a stock while making gravy for pasties.   

  • 1 cup Carob Powder  (I bought mine from Allergy Train)
  • 2 cups water
  • All into the TMX, cook on 100ºC, speed 4 for 5 minutes.  
  • Allow to cool before putting into a clean jar/bottle and store in fridge.  
  • Give it a good shake before using