Chicken - rolled with Pesto and Ricotta

This is one of 2 ways with Chicken and Pesto this week (the other being stuffed and crusted).  I've promised the family I won't try Pesto again for a month or two.  They're a little tired of it... but it's still darn tasty!!

  • 500g chicken breast,  trimmed of fat etc and sliced horizontally to form large, flat pieces
  • One portion Pesto
  • About 100-150g Ricotta Cheese (watch for preservatives)
  • Tooth picks or similar
  • Combine Pesto and Ricotta cheese 
  • On the 'rough' side, spread a piece of chicken meat with the pesto,  ensuring it's well covered
  • Roll piece of meat so that pesto is on the inside and secure with a tooth pick.
  • Set aside and continue with the rest of the pieces of chicken
  • In a moderately hot frypan,  cook chicken rolls on each of their sides, just browning
  • Put all the chicken rolls into a casserole, cover and cook in moderate oven for about 20-30 minutes (until cooked through)
  • Serve with Miracle Mash and steamed veg.
Verdict: This was popular at the time,  but I've been told not to give them Pesto for a while.  lol   I have obviously overdone it.  :)


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