Vanilla Yogurt

This is straight from the Thermomix recipe book, and makes 1 kilo/litre of yogurt, but I've decided I've hit right mix of sugar and vanilla to get the most delicious Vanilla Yogurt.  To make yogurt, you need a starter of course, which is just 3 tablespoons of pot-set yogurt.  Before making my own, I was making Easiyo yogurt, using the sachet and water.  I was surprised to find (because it really IS  yogurt!!) that I could use my last bit of Easiyo as my first starter.  The great part of having used Easiyo is that I have the pot and thermos to set it in.  There are lots of yogurt websites out there,  dedicated to the intricacies of creating 'the real thing'.  I use this recipe and it is yet to fail apart from my own error.  I am told that each generation gets thicker and that certainly seems to be true and each batch I make is declared "oooooooh,  that's a good one!"

The hardest part of having to use your previous batch to start your next batch is making sure no-one eats the last of the pot.

  • 800 g full cream or light milk (I use light A2)
  • 50g milk powder (check ingredients for preservatives/flavours)
  • 50g white sugar
  • 5g Vanilla Extract (not essence)
  • 3 tabs Pot set yogurt (ie starter)
  • Place milk, powdered milk, sugar and vanilla into TMX bowl and blend for 10 seconds on speed 7
  • Cook for 30 minutes at 90degC on speed 1
  • Allow to cool to 37degC (This will take about 30 or so minutes)  (Thermomix will display temperature)
  • Add starter yogurt and blend gently for 4 seconds on speed 4.
  • Cook for 10 minutes at 37degC on speed 1
  • While yogurt is cooking, get container and boil kettle to fill thermos
  • Once cooked, pour yogurt into container, seal and place into thermos.
  • Leave for at least 8 hours or overnight to set. Do not disturb the yogurt in this time.
  • Place in fridge  (Don't forget to reserve 3 tabs for the next batch.)

Edited 25/6/11  Interestingly,  I've found that every now and then I get a runny yogurt.  Out of the blue!  Then, gradually it becomes more 'firm' again with each successive batch.  Go figure???  Any ideas why?

10/11/11  I watched the Gourmet Farmer online the other night and I think I've solved the problem.  I'm not sterilising!!!  Sure,  I wash the yogurt pot,  but sometimes it's just a swish under the tap with the brush.  Visibly clean,  but not sterile!!  As it was explained on Gourmet Farmer,  by heating the milk, you're killing all the existing bacteria.  Then you add the yogurt starter which means that is the only bacteria there to flourish.  If you go and put it into a pot that isn't sterile, the other existing bacteria gets to also flourish,  ruining your yogurt.

I haven't had a chance to test the theory as no-one's into yogurt right now and it was going to waste.  But if you do, please let me know if this info helps.

Vanilla has been listed as low amines in the past,  but the most recent list (2011 RPAH Elimination Diet Guidebook) has it as 'Moderate'.  This is for commercial yogurt and very fresh, homemade yogurt shouldn't have that problem.  Be careful though,  if you are an amine responder.


    1. This looks great. I have always been scared of making my own yogurt but might give it a go. Do you think this would work with rice milk and also, is it considered Failsafe? For some reason, I thought yogurt was out since it is a fermented food.

    2. Hi Casey, You're right. Yogurt is now not considered appropriate for the Elimination Diet... amines are 'moderate'. However, I believe this is talking about commercial yogurt, not homemade. Perhaps treat it as a 'moderate' amine food, just in case.

      So, if you can make it at home AND, even better, if you can make it with A2 milk (If you can get that where you are) then you may be in business.

      Rice milk, I'm afraid I have no idea. A quick google looks like the answer might be no.

    3. Ahh, thanks! I don't think we can get A2 milk in the US but my kids have huge reactions to dairy so I'd be afraid to try it. I will keep this recipe on the back burner for the day (hopefully) when my kids aren't so sensitive to EVERYTHING.

      Thanks for the great blog! I have so many of your recipes bookmarked to make soon!

    4. Hello. I am keen to use my easiyo container and thermos to make my TM yoghurt. I also follow the above recipe but am not sure what to do with water inside the flask. Do you fill with boiling water to warm and sterilize, then discard before you put the plastic 'jar' into the thermos,, or leave hot water in to surround the container while the yoghurt sets? Thanks for all your tips so far!

    5. Hi Thermomum, yes, you leave the water in the thermos so the 'jar' sits in the hot water to set. Of course, it gradually cools until it's time to open it 8 hours later... when it's warm. So, you're not sterilising the thermos, just providing a hot bath. (Wow, a hot bath! That sounds like a nice idea!!!)

    6. Hello,
      Do you need plain yoghurt for the "starter", or can you use your flavoured yoghurt?

    7. Hi Anon, I've always used my Vanilla yogurt after the first batch (which has been started by an Easiyo or a store-bought natural yogurt, like Jalna.)

    8. Hi this may sound silly but can I put it in the thermo server with lid on to set and do I leave on bench overnight before putting into a container thanks Berlinda

    9. Hi chookie316. Not a silly question at all. I know people do use their Thermoservers for yogurt, but I never have. If you have a look on this thread on the TMX forum, ( ) the 3rd post has instructions which say to pour into Thermoserver and leave on bench overnight. Please let me know how you go with it. :)

    10. Ah, thanks - I had the runny yoghurt problem & that would explain it.

    11. MelJ, I'll be interested to hear how you go with that.

      Thanks, frillypants.

    12. Hi, i have used your recipe many times but last night made it using a 2nd hand easiyo thermos i got my hands on. After googling I found that people using a TM yoghurt recipe and the easiyo thermos they were not adding any hot water to the thermos. I did it last night with no hot water left it over night in a water free themos and have thick thick creamy yoghurt this morning PERFECT!I did however rinse the thermos out with boiling water to get it up to temp not sure if this helped or not. Today I will try it without pre heating the thermos!

    13. Hello !
      After googling yoghurt recipes for my TM - yours was the 1st I tried....YUM !! My 3 tots are very keen yoghurt eaters & this recipe is now their favourite!! Mine too for taste, $ and satisfaction of making it in my TM������
      As I am making it daily.... Have you tried doubling the recipe ? Do I then need to adjust the timing...
      Thanks mon ☺

      1. Hello Mon, no I have never tried doubling it. I'll check on my facebook page and see if anyone there has. Thanks, it really is a yummy yogurt recipe, isn't it! When I next do it, I think I'll try it without the milk powder and see how thick I can get it.

        frillypants x

      2. How do you sterialise the easyo plastic container

      3. Hi Norma and Peter, :) You could just give a really good rinse to a clean container, with boiling water from the kettle, immediately before putting in your yogurt mixture. That should suffice I'd say. frillypants x

    14. I've just discovered Jalna A2 Greek yoghurt at you know if it's failsafe

      1. Hi Roz, it's not considerd failsafe, because it will have amines. (The first 'a' in failsafe). No commercial yogurt is considered failsafe. As for salicylates, that will depend if it has been sweetened at all? Jalna sweetens its other yogurts with fruit juices, so that would be high Salicylates. Not failsafe.

        frillypants x

    15. Sorry my keypad stopped working! I also have a TMX and Easiyo thermos but it's handy to have some off the shelf things to grab too ;)


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