Baked Lamb with Leek and Potatoes

I was about to scribble some instructions on the back of an old envelope for Mr frillypants who is on dinner duty tonight and then realised it'd be better to just put it here.  Here's a deliciously tasty meal (was that a tautology?) that's sure to please everyone.  My mum used to do this with cheap lamb chops and onions when I was little, so it's a bit of a comfort food I suppose.  Essentially, it's a stack of food,  chucked in the oven.  Very easy.  Much like a roast...  the blend of flavours at the end is gorgeous. 

I happen to have some lamb chops in the freezer from my last trip to the Oakleigh Market, but looking at the frozen lump now, I can't decide what cut they are.  Leg? Forequarter? Chump?  I suppose any of these would do.  Something with a little bit of fat... and not too fiddly or wasteful.  Ms D won't touch something if she believes it might have fat attached to it.

  • 3 Lamb chops
  • 1-2 leeks, thickly sliced
  • 4-5 potatoes, peeled and thickly sliced (about 3-5mm)
  • garlic whole cloves
  • Failsafe oil
  • Salt
  • Heat oven to 180deg
  • In a roasting pan, put a little oil in bottom, lay out potatoes, then leek, then chops on top.
  • Put in garlic cloves, still in their skins, just around in the pan
  • Bake for about 45-60 minutes and check - continue until meat is cooked and potatoes are tender (remove meat to rest if potatoes need more time.)
  • (If you're short on time, you could microwave potato slices first and then put them into the roasting pan,  but I think you'd miss out on some great flavours)
  • Serve with steamed veg:  green beans, sliced carrot*, peas**.  You could even roast some parsnip in the pan since you're already baking.  Maybe heat up some Butter Beans with a little butter and garlic as a side as well.
*Contains Moderate Salicylates
**Contains Glutamates

Verdict:  Well,  like I said, the mix of flavours with this is lovely.  I have to restrain myself...  I want more, more, more of it.


  1. What a simple idea, but it looks so good, and easy! I have it in the oven now :) It is already smelling wonderful (and I don't eat lamb!)

    Loving your blog, thankyou for putting up even the simple recipes, we all need reminding it doesn't need to be arduous to make a nice dinner!


  2. Thanks, Tash. I hope you enjoyed it. And thanks for your comments. While I love to cook, I DO have 4 children and find I simply don't have the time to do 'fiddly'. So, 'real meals' it is. Real meals that we really eat. :)



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