Sausages and Mash

Sausages? But sausages are 'Mystery Parcels', right? Full of all sorts of crap, right? Well.... yes. But not Failsafe sausages made by your friendly local butcher or chicken bloke. This recipe is from the Failsafe Cookbook. It makes 10 kilos. 10 kilos?!?!?!   Well, when you're making a special order and with the machines the butchers use, they may tell you that 10 kilos is the smallest order they can do.
I was all nervous about asking someone to make these for us, feeling like I sound like a nutter yet again. or some sort of 'food fascist'. Or just too precious to eat like the plebs. But really, don't worry. It seems these guys have heard, and catered for, it all!

So, write down the recipe (give credit where credit it due!), suck it up and head on in. Start with something like "Hi, I just wanted to talk with someone about making a special order of sausages?" Then it's easier from then. :) Remember to also ask for it to be put into usable portions. I do 1 kilo bags. Then after dinner I have 1 or 2 left to put into school sandwiches.


  • 650 g brown rice flour
  • 3 leeks
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 cup salt (approx 120g)
  • Make up to 10 kilos with fresh minced beef or chicken (no skin)

This time, the butcher and I decided it would be best to use 1/2 breast and 1/2 thigh.  There needs to be some flavour there,  and let's face it,  fat is flavour!!  These are still very lean though, with nearly nothing left in the fry pan.  No melted fat.

Remember they need to be eaten or frozen that same day.  If you can't freeze 10 kilos, consider asking a friend to split the order with you.

These are a firm family favourite.  Always gobbled up.  Mr Frillypants hates sausages....  but loves these!!!  They go beautifully with the Pear ketchup from the same cookbook.  And this is something you can always bring along to a BBQ.  Whether you bring along 1 or 2 specially or else just a kilo to add to the hot plate.  They really are delicious, gourmet sausages!

And what do you expect to pay for these lovely snags?  Well,  I have paid $15 per kilo and this last lot cost me $12.50.  I think that's a very reasonable price.


  1. That is great your butcher does that, go the local butcher!

  2. What casing do they use for the sausages? Thanks

    1. I haven't ctually asked, but as I understand it, it doesn't relly matter from a FAILSAFE point of view. Even if those casings are preserved, the high heat needed to cook the sausages cooks it away. I hope that helps.
      frillypants x


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