Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let the THERMOMIX begin

Things have changed!!!  Yesterday I ordered and paid for a new Thermomix.  So,  now I'll be trying to learn new recipes,  but with a new way of cooking.  If you haven't heard of the wonder-machine,  have a look at their website.  Now,  I'm pouring over TMX recipes to see if I can translate them into Failsafe.


  1. Hi,
    I have just found your blog on Allergy Train (which is also a new find). Your blog is a great idea, I've recently started up a very similiar one sharing the recipes I've created for my son who can tolerate Amines but none of the other food chemicals. Its great to be able to share experiences about something that only those who in the know can understand.

  2. Ooooh you are getting a Thermomix! Can't wait to hear all about it and the yummy meals you whip up :)

  3. Looking fotward to reading all your recipes :)

  4. I have a Thermomix too, how great is this machine. Looking forward to reading your recipes!

  5. Congratulations on this big step in buying a Thermomix to help with your family's special dietary needs! Glad to see that everyone at your house seems to be enjoying it so far. I look forward to learning more from "Frillypants"!


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