Cashew-nut butter

I am sitting here, waiting for the electrician to call and tell me he's coming to fix the oven.  Sure, I could use this time to fold the washing...  but will the kids come home and ask for piles of folded, sorted clothes?  No,  they will ask for food.  "What's for afternoon tea?  What's for dinner?"  So...  I've made something for Ms C to replace the Peanut Butter she cannot have.  She can't take it to school where someone in her class is allergic to nuts,  but she'll enjoy it at home....  I hope.

I got the recipe from the RPAH Elimination Diet Handbook, pg 47.

  • 330g raw Cashews
  • 4 tabs Canola oil
  • Put nuts in TMX and lightly dry roast on Varoma temp, 30 minutes on reverse Speed 2.
  • Once roasted, mill for 5 seconds at Speed 7
  • Add oil slowly,  mixing at Speed 1 until you have the right consistency.  You're aiming for a spread.


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