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Pear & Vanilla Jam

Pear and Vanilla Jam

This is just a small addition and adaption to Birgit's recipe in the Fed Up cookbook.  Most of the frillypantii love this jam and guests are always intrigued.  As if I've created jam from some exotic fruit.  Everyone loves it and it's probably because it's such a subtle flavour.

I added vanilla when I saw a 'gourmet jam' for a squillion dollars in a deli.  'Pear and vanilla'.  The second time I made it was for the school's Easter Fair.  I was going to take pity on the stall and buy them myself... but by the time I got there,  it was all gone!  Ridiculous!  People paid about $6 for a small jar.  The cost to produce this is so teeny tiny I can't even make my brain small enough to work it out.  And... even if you don't have a Thermomix,  the recipes I have read online show that the saucepan method is almost as simple.  (Except, I've walked away from my jam-making-Thermomix to type this.  Can't do that with a saucepan.  No,  I do not sell Thermomixes.)

I use tinned pear because I want it to be as easy as possible.  When pear is in season,  you might like to use fresh.  Either way... still easy.  You can use Vanilla extract, paste or 'proper' vanilla pods,  just depends on what you have.  (Just make sure it's not preserved.)

  • 2x 825g tins of Pears in Syrup  (or 1kilo fresh, peeled and cored)
  • Seeds of 1-2 Vanilla Pods (or 1 tsp Vanilla Extract)
  • 750 g Sugar
  • 1 tsp Citric Acid or Ascorbic Acid
  • 50g packet 'Jamsetta'  (contains sugar, pectin and citric acid)
  • Drain pears (and retain syrup to make icypoles or use in other recipes)
  • Put all ingredients into Thermomix,  chop on Speed 3-4 for a few seconds to chop pears
  • Cook for 45 minutes,  100ºC Speed 2.
  • If it seems not to be setting enough when you test it,  try  5-10 minutes at Varoma temp.  *be careful of hot splashes,  place the steaming basket on top with MC out*
Verdict:  Universally loved
Tweeks:  Make this as vanilla-ry as you would like/can tolerate.  Or leave out the vanilla and just go all pear.

PS  if you have any doubt that you are saving yourself some money,  have a look at this price!!  I am not suggesting 'Hank' is gouging us,  just covering costs and making some money.  But...  woah!  Hank's pear and Vanilla Jam


  1. YUMMMMY! Will definitely try this recipe. By the way, why did you not use fresh pears? Is there a difference between using fresh pears and canned pears? I can't take anything canned.

    1. Evelyn, simply because I am lazy and wanted to do it as easily as possible. ha ha ha. As I said in the recipe, you can use 1 kilo or fresh, peeled and cored pears. That's fine. frillypants x

    2. I did failsafe about 5 years ago and it helped my Son a great deal! Unfortunetly due to family situations it feel by the wayside. I am about to start it again as I now have 4 boys and multitude of problems from migraines, asthma, eczma, ADHD just to name a few! I have a thermomix and I really havent used it much! I FOUND YOUR BLOG! I LOVE YOU! LOL!!!!!!!!! Only problem I have now is........ I dont know where to start! LOL!

    3. Evelyn, I was thinking about the fact that you can't have anything canned, and I suppose that is due to the juice it is canned in? In the Fed Up pages, we're warned to make sure the tinned pears we buy are in Syrup, not juice, as the juice is a potentially very high-sal concoction. And so, we buy the home-brand labels that use a sugar syrup, instead of the brand-name ones which don't.

      frillypants x

    4. Tanja, I'm sorry I didn't see your message here before now. Thanks for the love, I hope things are going really well for you and your boys.

      frillypants x

    5. Hey Frilly Pants, just whipped up a batch of scones & 33 mins away from topping them with pear jam for afternoon tea before the school bus delivers all the hungry bellies home. Love your blog...thanks so much!

  2. Are black & gold tin pears OK? They are the only ones I can find that are not in fruit juice.

    I did failsafe 6yrs ago with my eldest son(then 8)and it worked like a dream but it was so hard - after a while we got lazy and now he eats everything (even curries)- I think that he is now able to control his behaviour as he has gotten older. My second son is now 8 and his behavior is out of control - I have been putting off doing failsafe now for a couple of years as I know that it takes 100% commitment and I have been suffering from depression in the last couple of years as well.(now under control)
    Finding your blogg is an absolute god send. I was dreading all the study and research at time that I am extremly busy already. So I thank you for your time and willingness to share.

    1. Hi Christine, it can seem daunting of course, but it really does just become the new normal. Don't forget to check the other failsafe recipe blogs I have linked on the right hand bar. Just roll over the bar and it will bring out a drop menu. Some are Thermomix and some are not. Awesome recipes over there, for kids! For families!! Not silly recipes that only 'discerning grown-ups' can like. :)

      I hope you have also found the Facebook pages? Lots of great support there as well.

      Wishing you all the best, Christine. frillypants x

    2. Regarding the Black and Gold pears, according to the shopping list on, the supermarkets' own brands of Pears in syrup should be okay.

      frillypants x

    3. Black and Gold, IGA, Savings brand, the Woolies equivalent and SPC pears in syrup (in tins) are all fine, but check the label every time. Pears cups in syrup are not okay, they contain juice.

  3. I did failsafe about 7 years ago and it helped my Son a great deal! Unfortunetly due to family situations it fell by the wayside. I am about to start it again as I now have 4 boys and a multitude of problems from migraines, asthma, eczma, ADHD just to name a few! I have a thermomix and I really havent used it much! I FOUND YOUR BLOG! I LOVE YOU! LOL!!!!!!!!! Only problem I have now is........ I dont know where to start! LOL!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to create this Blog! Keep up the great work!

  4. Tanja, no, no... thank YOU. :) I wish you all the very best in discovering all the wonderful TMX (and non) recipes on here and the other failsafe blogs out there. Check the right hand menu for the drop down menu for links.

    frillypants x

  5. Hiya
    I've just begun our failsafe journey and have also just made this jam. I did tweak it though.....
    - 2 lge tins pears, drained (~1000gm)
    - 300 gms sugar
    - 1 tsp citric acid
    - 2 tsp agar agar
    - seeds from 1 scraped vanilla bean pod
    Followed instructions except instead of 45 mins cooking time: 10 mins, 100, sp 2
    The agar agar allows for less cooking time and less sugar.
    It's still cooling but first taste is pretty good, I'm happy :)

  6. I'm going suggest your jam does not come from a haccap controlled, council approved kitchen. Made with strict adherence, consistency, high quality products (as apposed to black & gold). With a company that employs Australians, is a trusted brand, and has just as much right to make jam as you do.

    1. Well, hi. Are you someone from Hank's Jam? If so, I assume you followed the trail back to see where the traffic had come from.. you're welcome.

      Gosh! Why the defense? Because I said Hank's Jam was expensive? A Mercedes Benz is expensive, way out of my league. Not to say it isn't totally worth it... the engineering, the design, the sheer quality of all the components... but I still can't afford it. It's still expensive.

      frillypants x

    2. I've just done a batch of this for our family. Smells great and very affordable. Wink wink!

  7. I want a thermomix but can't afford one,I am looking at getting a thermoblend as it is much more affordable and offers a realistic warranty, 12 months for a $2000 appliance is kind of like buying the hanks jam. Anyway can I use these recipes the same in a thermoblend as a thermomix, my dd has been diagnosed with spd so I am doing failsafe as well, thanks

    1. Hi Jennifer, I assume you can. But I just wouldn't walk away from it while it's cooking. Just in case it burns or something like that. (I am not saying it *will* burn, just that I have heard that's has happened with some of the other Thermomix copies. I think it was the early Bellini?) Otherwise, I hope it works well for you. Please do let me know how it goes. :) I'd love to hear. And best of luck it.
      Regards from frillypants x

  8. For us jam-making newbies out there, can you advise on best tips for canning? My last batch had big air pockets - oops! Still delish and an absolute favourite over here!

  9. I hope I can cook it as best as yours, thanks for sharing


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