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Chick Nuts

Chick Nuts
I have been buying Chick Nuts from the supermarket's health food section for a while now.  They're great in school lunch boxes.  But a bit expensive.  I knew I could make them myself,  but who knew it could be so easy???  I first tried with canned chick peas, but really they didn't get dry enough and so I gave up.  Until I was directed to this Wiki recipe.  I even prefer these home made ones to the bought ones...  which in my childhood was the biggest compliment you could give something (tongue-in-cheek) "It's better than a bought one!"  A couple of notes:  these are NOT NUTS,  so don't let your grade 2 teacher tell you that you can't bring them to school... and they have nothing to do with trans-gender equipment.....  just sayin'!!

Edited to add:  I am told that Masterfood Garlic Salt has 320 in the Vegetable Oil,  but apparently the Woolworths Select (Australia) brand is okay.  This tells me that I need to find a good link to a Failsafe shopping list to include.

  • DRIED chick peas
  • Canola oil
  • Garlic salt
  • Soak chick peas in plenty of water over night.   Let's say, at least 10 hours.
  • Drain, pat dry with a tea toweland then spread evenly onto oven tray
  • Cook in moderate (180degC) oven for about 45 minutes
  • They will have shrunk again to close to original size
  • While they're still hot, toss them in a little oil and garlic salt (to taste)  (I started without the oil, but the salt wasn't sticking.  I only used about 1/2 tab.)
  • Leave out to cool and dry
  • Store in airtight container
Yum!  These are great.  I now have to go and have a chat with DD's teacher to explain why these do actually make a GREAT Brain Food choice.

I used Garlic Salt because I had it in my pantry.  You might like to use some garlic-infused oil and sea-salt.  Whatever floats your boat.  If you'd like to make some NON-Failsafe ones,  then add whatever herbs/spices you would like.:


  1. Would you believe I was actually in the process of trying to replicate these myself when I found your blog!! ....and as luck would have it had bought the Wollies garlic salt not Masterfoods phew... however I did simmer them before trying to roast and I tossed them in oil so not sure how they will turn out. Still,w I can always try your method if it doesn't work. Fantastic resource for a very recently failsafe family. Thanks

  2. Oh Lydia (I'm guessing?) You're very welcome. I hope your batch works? Please tell us if they do so we have another method to try. Good luck on your failsafe journey. Check my links for lots more support.
    frillypants xx

  3. I was so keen to make these. First go, not great but edible. Second go...FAIL! Will try again.


  4. How do you get them crunchy like Chic Nuts?

    1. Hi Jenella,
      did you use canned or dried chick peas?
      frillypants x


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