Beans on Toast

This is so simple I could cry!!!!  I can't believe I've lived without this all this time,  just because I've always hated canned baked beans.

  • Buttered toast (thick white bread for the school holidays!!)
  • Can of Butter Beans - drained and rinsed
  • butter
  • garlic - crushed (I resorted to garlic powder and it was fine)
  • In small saucepan combine beans, knob of butter and garlic.  
  • On medium heat, stir gently until heated through
  • Serve on toast
Delish!!  Ms C and Mr JR ate it down very quickly and then I had to make another batch for Mr Frillypants and me.  So very yummy....  and so surprising as I DON'T LIKE BEANS!!!!!  Fabulous for lunch or a light dinner.


Last night I didn't have any Butter Beans,  so I used Borlotti Beans.  I also decided to add leek,  finely sliced diagonally and sauteed with the butter and garlic.  Then stirred the beans through.  Yummo!!!


  1. I love baked beans on toast and have really been missing them. Will definitely give this one a go. Have you thought of mashing it into a paste/dip?

  2. Niki, we use the bean dip recipe and hummus recipe from the Failsafe Recipe book all the time. I don't use it on toast though, just as a dip with bikkies or vegie sticks.

  3. My sister commented to me "everything tastes good cooked in butter and garlic". That is something I am going to take forward in my life from here on in. :D


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